"Achieving Better Health From Within"


Bowen and Mothers

Pregnancy not only create new issues within your body, but can exacerbate existing ailments or injuries. As the body changes throughout your pregnancy added stresses to the neck, spine, pelvic area and your circulation system often occur and result in nausea, emotional stress, pain, discomfort and swelling. Most of these more common pregnancy related conditions can be easily, and gently, relieved almost immediately by Bowen Therapy.

Working on your pelvic and spinal alignment throughout your pregnancy will help alleviate back and sciatica pain and headaches and tension in the neck and shoulders.

Whilst working on your circulatory and neurological systems helps reduce blood flow restrictions and neurological restriction to the digestive system, the uterus which helps reduce digestive problems such as reflux, heartburn, nausea and constipation and help nourish the baby within.

Common conditions you may experience as an expectant mother that can be relieved by Bowen Therapy are:

     •     Backache / Sciatica

     •     Fluid retention / Aching legs

     •     Headaches / Dizziness

     •     Emotional fatigue / Stress / Anxiety

     •     Nausea / Heartburn

     •     Tender breasts

     •     Breathlessness

     •     Decreased energy levels

The process of childbirth puts tremendous stresses and strains on the supporting muscles and ligaments of the pelvis which can result in post pregnancy pain and pelvic instability; continued post natal Bowen Therapy treatments can help reduce these problems and significantly aid post delivery recovery.

Bowen Therapy & Babies

The birth is one of the most traumatic processes a child will go through. The earlier a new born can receive a Bowen Therapy treatment the better as it will help relieve the body’s physical stress and the emotional trauma of the birth.

Babies love the treatments they seem to settle more quickly into good sleeping and feeding patterns after treatments.

Bowen Therapy has proven to work wonderfully on some of the more common ailments of young babies, some of which are:

     •     Infant colic

     •     Reflux

     •     Blue babies

     •     Misalignments of the spine due to labour/birth process

     •     Feeding or attachment issues

     •     Sleep issues

     •     Hiccups

The Successes

During a Bowen treatment it is common for the expectant mothers to say that they can feel the baby become more active in response to the treatment. They find it completely relaxing and rejuvenating, at the end of treatments they usually comment on feeling a sense of ‘space’ in their tummy and loss of pressure on their diaphragm (can breathe more easily). It is also commonly stated that their energy levels significantly improve and find themselves coping more easily with daily events.

Some find that 1-4 treatments are sufficient to help alleviate symptoms during pregnancy; others prefer a treatment every 3-4 weeks to help them maintain a sense of optimum health.

Mothers have also said that having Bowen seems to reduce the physical stress on their bodies and their babies during the birth process than previously experienced.

Many new mothers who discovered Bowen Therapy during pregnancy continue treatment after the birth of their child; they become long-term clients and continue to receive benefits of this amazing therapy.

Bowen Therapy is an incredibly gentle and non-invasive form of therapeutic bodywork, which is why it is so suitable for and successful with pregnancy; it treats the whole body and is proven to work on healing existing issues whilst reducing the likelihood of new problems occurring.

Bowen Therapy & Pregnancy