"Achieving Better Health From Within"


History of Bowen Therapy

Tom Bowen from Geelong, Victoria, Australia, developed Bowen Therapy technique in the 1950s. Bowen Therapy is a holistic and multidimensional approach to assisting the body to heal, promoting good health and wellness, and over the past 60 years has achieved remarkable results.

How does it Work?

Bowen Therapy is a uniquely gentle form of bodywork in which subtle moves are performed over muscles and connective tissue. These moves send messages deep into the body’s cellular memory; retrieving the body’s preferred sense of relaxation, balance and wellbeing.

Unlike other modality styles, Bowen Therapy not only addresses the musculo-skeletal and neurological frameworks, but also the fascia. The fascia is the body’s organiser, it is a specialised web-like type of connective tissue that surrounds all nerves, internal organs, bones, arteries, veins and muscles within the body. Therefore fascial dysfunction can affect every internal and external structure within the body.

     An exert from ‘Strolling Under The Skin'

     By Dr Jean-Claude Guimberteau.

     (This video shows the Fascial Network actively

     working under fibre optic magnification.

     This amazingly dynamic network is the basis on

     which Bowen Therapy interacts within the body.

     It interacts with and facilitates change within

     the fascial network enabling the body to heal

     itself and attain a state of balance.)

Bowen Therapy, through specific soft tissue and fascial integrated

releases, stimulates receptors that enable the body itself to correct and restore the body’s homeostasis (balance).

This balance results in improved circulation, nerve stimulation and functionality, lymphatic drainage. It also aids in the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of toxins.

What can it treat?

Bowen Therapy has consistently proven that it can have profound and permanent recovery and pain relief outcomes on people. with the following issues:

     •     Sporting Injuries

     •     Headaches / Migraines

     •     Neck / Shoulder pain

     •     Back / Sciatic / Leg / Knee / Foot pain

     •     Frozen shoulder / RSI

     •     Symptoms of emotional disorders / Depression, Stress & Anxiety

     •     Digestive issues, Repiratory issues / Asthma

     •     Infant Colic and sleep issues

     •     Pregnancy related issues  (eg. fluid retention, nausea, and general discomfort.)

The gentle nature of Bowen Therapy makes it suitable for people of any age, from newborns through to the elderly, it has no limitations on its application or benefits.

What can I expect during a Treatment Session?

     •     A short initial interview will occur prior to treatment commencing.

     •     Treatment is done with you lying on a massage table, directly on the skin; gentle primary moves, followed on with a

            series of more complex rolling moves across particular muscles, tendons, ligaments and/or nerves.

     •     Essential intervals of about 2 minutes is taken between each series of moves.

     •     Post treatment (usually about 30 - 45 minutes) you will be asked to drink a glass of water, to help rehydrate you. (An

            important feature of Bowen Therapy). The possibility of physical or emotional changes that may occur over the next

            24 to 48 hours will be discussed.

     •     Finally you may be given recommendations for post treatment exercises or activities to aid your recovery.

Can I use other Therapies with Bowen?

A Bowen session initiates a cascade of beneficial changes that continue for several days after the session. Applying other physical therapies during this time can interrupt this process and undermine the overall effectiveness of the Bowen work. It is therefore recommended that you wait a week before commencing any other physical therapy.

The Benefits

The most common documented benefits of Bowen Therapy are:

     •     Rapid / long-term or permanent remission of pain

     •     Reduced stress

     •     Improved physical and emotional quality of life

     •     Increased energy levels

     •     Improvement in the immune system

     •     Rebalancing of the body

     •     Improved circulation

     •     Lymphatic drainage and detoxification

     •     General sense of well-being & wellness

What is Bowen Therapy?