"Achieving Better Health From Within"


History of Kinesiology

"Kinesiology encompasses holistic health disciplines which use the gentle art of muscle

monitoring to access information about a person’s well-being. Originating in the 1970’s,

it combines Western techniques and Eastern wisdom to promote physical, emotional,

mental and spiritual health. Kinesiology identifies the elements which inhibit the body’s

natural internal energies and accessing the life enhancing potential within the individual."

(Definition approved by the Australian Kinesiology Association 1999.)

How does it Work?

Kinesiology, is an amazing Holistic Energetic complimentary health modality that combines ancient Eastern healing techniques and theories with Western science through a bio-feedback system called muscle monitoring. The perfect blend of East meets West in health and healing.  Kinesiology, as with Bowen Therapy, works with the body’s innate healing intelligence to restore balance and health to psychological, neurological and physiological function. Through Kinesiology, profound changes may be experienced emotionally, mentally and physically, thereby improving a person’s health and wellbeing. When our system is functioning well, we feel well.

Blocks or stresses prevent smooth energetic transmission, thus affecting functioning of our bio-systems, resulting in changes in energy. Muscle monitoring involves challenging the bio-feedback mechanism present in all muscles to reveal imbalances within the body. The ‘read out’, or findings, may present as physical pain, mental discomfort and the many expressions of disease. These can include allergies, depression, postural problems, poor performance levels, learning and relationship difficulties, digestive and nervous disorders - whatever the presenting problem, the system is saying it is malfunctioning.

The real goal of any Kinesiology ‘balance’ is to identify the bottomline cause of any imbalance and then resolve it. It may be nutritional, emotional, structural, psychological, energetic or even spiritual - something as simple as an ‘attitude’, or a forgotten memory.

Muscle monitoring gives instant access to holistic information held by the core operating unit of the entire body-mind system - the subconscious. This normally inaccessible neural substrate holds all our memories, information about physical, emotional, mental and energetic states, and also determines our muscle tension. Accessing the bio-system, allows the Kinesiologist to quickly determine the specific strategy to best reinstate to the body’s balance.

At subtle levels, the person is already aware of what is needed to facilitate healing. What kinesiology is able to do, in a therapeutic sense, is to access that information in order to assist the natural healing process.

What can it treat?

     •     Sporting Injuries

     •     Acute & Chronic Pain

     •     Emotional & mental disorders / Depression, PTSD, Stress & Anxiety

     •     Neurological issues, including visual, hearing and cognitive (learning or processing)

     •     Hormonal issues

     •     Digestive issues

     •     General Wellness and Balance

The gentle nature of Kinesiology makes it suitable for people of any age, from children through

to the elderly, it has no limitations on its application or benefits.

What can I expect during a Treatment Session?

     •     A short initial interview will occur prior to treatment commencing.

     •     Treatment is done with you lying on a massage table, fully clothed.

     •     Post treatment (usually about 1 hour) you will be asked to drink a glass of water, to help rehydrate you.

     •     The possibility of physical or emotional changes that may occur over the next 24 to 48 hours will be discussed.

     •     Finally you may be given some essences to take post treatment to aid your healing process.

Can I use other Therapies with Kinesiology?

A Kinesiology session initiates a cascade of beneficial changes that continue for several days after the session. Applying other physical therapies during this time can interrupt this process and undermine the overall effectiveness of the Kinesiology work. It is therefore recommended that you wait a week before commencing any other physical therapy.

The Benefits

The most common documented benefits of Kinesiology are:

     •     Rapid / long-term or permanent relief from pain

     •     Reduced stress

     •     Improved physical and emotional quality of life

     •     Increased energy levels

     •     Improvement in the immune system

     •     Rebalancing of the body

     •     Improved circulation

     •     General sense of well-being and wellness

What is Kinesiology?